Over 36 Blighted and Vacant Properties Sold in New Orleans Last Year

New Orleans' Blighted Property Sales Wizards

We are the only company in town focused on selling your vacant houses and properties. We've been in business in Louisiana for 45 years, and are dedicated to erasing your fines and converting your eyesore into a cash machine.

  • Fine Negotiation Experts

    With our expertise, we can often get your fines reduced or wiped out entirely. Delaying only costs you money!

  • Guaranteed Sales

    If we don't sell your property, we will buy it! Your vacant property problems are eliminated in exchange for immediate cash.

  • Give Terry's Cell a Call Today - 504-367-6999

    One quick call instantly connects you with blight and vacant property sales specialists. Or we can be reached at horizonrealtysells@aol.com

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